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About Us was founded by Mai Chen to help people celebrate life through living a fulfilling bucket list and helping to prepare for their death so they can focus on getting the most out of life!

My-Bucketlist provides Kiwis with access to our easy online Will Creation tool, giving everyone the opportunity to control how they want their wishes carried out when they die.

On 23 April 2015 Andrew Barnes, owner of Perpetual Guardian acquired  My-Bucketlist Limited in furthering his desire of removing the barriers to estate planning in New Zealand. Andrew feels that, “As an industry, we must bear some responsibility to New Zealanders that have discovered that getting a Will is just too hard”.

Our purpose is to make writing a Will as ordinary as saving in KiwiSaver, and that every adult New Zealander should have a Will and every child deserves to be protected by one.

Instructing your Enduring Powers of Attorney or writing your Will should be no more complicated or time-consuming than internet banking, while providing a high level of security, privacy and flexibility.

My-Bucketlist Limited is 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

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Perpetual Guardian and Will To Live