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I accept all responsibility for the will I have drawn up using the My-Bucketlist Will template, including information, gifts and/or dispositions it contains.

I acknowledge that by using this template to draw up my own will, I have not sought, received, or relied on, legal advice.

I also acknowledge that any explanations of will terminology or other definitions in the template that I have read or relied on, are not legal advice and are not a substitute for legal advice.

I agree that the My-Bucketlist website accepts no liability legal or otherwise for the effect or implications of any will that I may draw up or sign using the website template.

I agree that if I have any questions about the legal validity of any will I have drawn up using the template, that I have or will take legal advice, or that I have waived the right to do so before executing any wills obtained from the My-Bucketlist website.

I acknowledge that any errors or omissions inputted into the will are my own, and that I understand that My-Bucketlist will allow me 14 days to correct any errors or omissions I might have made. Despite this, My-Bucketlist accepts no liability for errors or omissions made by me.

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