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Blog » Founder Mai Chen’s Bucket list Trip to UK- July 2014

Mai Chen in the pit at GLobe TheatreIn the pit at the Globe Theatre during the intermission 2/3rds of the way through Julius Caeser.

It finally stopped raining so at least those standing are not wet. We wisely booked seats for the show.









Mai Chen and John Sinclair Hampton CourtWe had a lovely day at Hampton court. Just as good as the Tower of London and much better gardens and the biggest grapevine in the world.

King Henry only went nasty after he turned 40.









Mai chen at trinity college 2Inside the long hall of ancient books and manuscripts at trinity college where we saw the book of Kells one of the oldest handwritten illuminated manuscripts and made me think about all the trouble to hand write on cow hide when these days we have the internet and what this means for the free flow of ideas.









Charles Dickens Bleak House bookSeen at Charles Dickens Museum in London.

Image is of his book ‘Bleak House’.









Copenhagen- Mai's tripI am loving Copenhagen! It’s like at Petersberg and Paris and Florence all mixed together with warm weather and no wind.

Only drawback is that their favourite food is a sandwich!

First potatoes and now bread!






Fredericksburg castleAlmost the end of the UK trip, we ended up walking around for 9 hours today!

Have visited another castle- Fredericksburg.

Probably the most amazing as it houses a museum on Danish history.

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