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Funding Your Bucket List

Throughout life we all have dreams, desires and goals about what we want to achieve in life, what we want to own, and what experiences we wish to have. In a word our “Bucket List”.

These might include competing in a sporting event, performing on a stage, gaining a qualification, owning your dream home, becoming debt free, creating an investment portfolio, building a business, attending world-class events, international travel, purchasing your dream car or boat, putting children through private school and university, giving your kids a financial boost to help them on their way, supporting a charity, enjoying a care-free retirement, or leaving your family financially secure when you go.

Some bucket list wishes do not require money – just your time, willingness and the physical ability to tick them off.

But a number of those wishes will require money to achieve.

Funding My Bucket List while I am healthy


Funding My Bucket List if I get sick or injured 


Funding My Bucket List for the people I leave behind