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Blog » Good Giving: Who should benefit?

One major decision that people have to make with their wills is – who will benefit from any specific gifts that I might want to make?

Most people will want to make sure that they look after their family when they die. That means that most wills include provision for:

  • Spouses; or
  • Brothers and Sisters; or
  • Children; or
  • Grandchildren

However, you will can also give a specific bequest to an organisation you might want to support. Examples of organisations that people have left gifts to are:

  • The Society for the Protection and Care of Animals;
  • The Mary Potter Hospice; or
  • Political causes they might support – such as an established political party, or a non-governmental organisation.

Some organisations even provide you with helpful advice on how to give gift in your will. For example, the Cancer Society has advice on their website. You can find it here.

Most bequests to organisations are gifts of money – that is the easiest and most effective way of supporting them.

At the end of the day, the question of who should benefit from a gift is up to you. But it’s nice to know that after you die your values, hopes, and aspirations can live on through organisations or people you support.


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