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Blog » Sir Ray Avery to share his tips on Guardianship

We are please to announce that Sir Ray Avery, pharmaceutical scientist, inventor, and social entrepreneur will be sharing his insights into how you should select and appoint guardians for your children.

Check our blog on Saturday 3 August to see his tips for guardianship.

What is a guardian?

guardian of a child is someone the law has given all the duties, rights, responsibilities and powers that a parent has in bringing up that child.

Although most parents will be guardians of their children, others can be guardians of those children as well. A child can have more than one guardian, and they may include parents and any number of others. In some cases the Family or High Court may become the guardian of a child.

Guardianship responsibilities

A guardian’s responsibilities to a child include:

  • providing day-to-day care for the child. This means making sure that the everyday things in the child’s life are OK – a safe and secure home, loving care and attention, proper arrangements for school, for example. But this does not apply to a guardian appointed by a parent in their will
  • contributing to the child’s development as a person. In different ways, and at different stages of a child’s life, guardians help children build a life for themselves, so that they can learn about the world and their culture, make friends, achieve goals, cope with setbacks, and all the other things that growing up involves.
  • helping make the big decisions in a child’s life. These include important things like:
    • where they live
    • where they go to school
    • major medical treatment
    • what their culture, language and religion will be
    • any changes to their name.

[reproduced from the Ministry of Justice Website, available here]

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