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Blog » Twenty Good Summers

I loved Martin Hawes’ book about “Twenty good summers”

In fact I loved it so much, I found it hard to shift my weekend work load after reading it.

I spent time making a list of what I really wanted to do when I should have been finishing a legal opinion, and then I goofed off enjoying the simple things of life – like “wasting time” watching AFV (America’s funniest home videos) with my son – his favourite. I never do this. My son was happy. So was I.

Truth be told, understanding that life is limited is a positive motivator to get on and do the things I have always wanted to do, and a lot of what I want, is not to do so much and to always be in a rush.

It is not more doing – sometimes, it is just enjoying, savouring, and enjoying the simple things in life that I want to do. I spent quite a while scratching my dog’s ears and tummy today – another thing I never have time for and boy did she love that. I spent time staring out my wonderful study window which has the best view in the house. But then I am usually head down concentrating hard. I marvelled at the benign sunshine in Auckland this afternoon. Still enjoying the amazing weather in Auckland in comparison with Dunedin, Chch and Wellington where I have previously lived in this country.

Feeling happy as I am getting on with it – and what it is is sometimes surprisingly simple.

Thanks Martin for your book!


Mai Chen


twenty good summers - martin hawesAbout Martin Hawes and Twenty Good Summers

When financial expert Martin Hawes turned 50 he realised there were many more mountains he wanted to climb, but he wasn’t getting any younger!

So, he thought, he had to make the next twenty summers really count.
Now is the time to be as free as possible, to start working less and living more. But how can you ease back and make sure the money will last as long as you do?

Twenty Good Summers will show you how to free up your lifestyle and organise your money to get the income you need to get on with the rest of your life.

Learn how to:
• plan the life you want;
• maximise your financial potential in your earning years;
• recognise when the time is right to make the break; and
• reorganise your finances to sustain your new lifestyle.

Best-selling author and presenter Martin Hawes enjoys mountaineering, climbing, hiking and skiing.

Oh, and when he’s working he provides individualised financial coaching to help clients become wealthy and free to pursue their dreams too.

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