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Power of Attorney

Enduring power of attorney gives authority for someone else to act in your name if you become mentally incapable.

Enduring power of attorney can relate to property or your personal care and welfare. One attorney can act in relation to both property and care and welfare.

The best option is to arrange power of attorney in advance. It must be made while the donor’s mental capacity and judgment still allow them to understand what they are doing.

My-Bucketlist offer a step by step application that guides you through the creation of this important document.

For an enduring power of attorney, you (the donor i.e. the person giving power of attorney) must receive legal advice from the person who will be your witness. The donor’s witness can be:

  • a lawyer, or
  • a qualified legal executive, or
  • an authorised officer or employee of a trustee corporation.

Our Power of Attorney creation tool costs $49.95 per document

You can stop at any time to mull things over, talk to your family and refine the details until you are completely happy. See Our Fees for more information on what’s included.

Enduring Power of Attorney is temporarily unavailable!

A change to the Protection of Personal Property Rights (PPPR) Act 1988 will happen on 16th March 2017. The Enduring Power of Attorney form is being updated with a new form.